Development Projects

Cite Unseen

HTML / CSS / JavaScript

This work-in-progress JavaScript widget embeds icons on Wikipedia citations to indicate the type and bias of source (e.g. state-run media, press release, opinion piece, or news). Most readers don't pay attention to sources as-is; this widget allows for readers to easily see the type of sources their information is coming from and explore further if necessary.

HackOHI/O 2016 Website  

HTML / CSS / JavaScript / jQuery

HackOHI/O 2016 is Ohio State's largest hackathon scheduled for November 19-20. Serving as the follow up to last year's website (see OHI/O 2015 below), the site is built from the ground up and serves as a landing page and showcase for the event. The branding focus for the year was an emphasis on triangles. The Trianglify JS library is used to create a unique header each time, along with triangles making an appearance throughout the rest of HackOHI/O's 2016 branded content.

OHI/O Website  

HTML / CSS / JavaScript

OHI/O is a student group dedicated to fostering a tech culture at Ohio State University. I'm one of the team organizers, and one of my roles is leading web development. The OHI/O website currently serves as a simple hub of upcoming events, previous events, and contact information.

OHI/O 2015 Website  

HTML / CSS / SASS / JavaScript

As co-chair of web, I helped create and maintain the website of Ohio State's 2015 hackathon.
The homepage was spearheaded by fellow co-chair Matt Faluotico, while the live page was created and maintained by me

Wikipedia Traffic Grapher  

HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Chart.js

Hosted on the Wikimedia Foundation’s tool server, Traffic Grapher parses through the traffic statistics of up to five English Wikipedia articles and plots the data. The graphing is done via Chart.js, a flexible charting library.

Taazaa Website Revamp  

WordPress / HTML / CSS

While interning with Taazaa during the summer of 2014, one of my projects was to assist in the revamp of the main website of Taazaa, a software development company. Through WordPress and basic HTML and CSS editing, the site and launched on August 26, 2014.


HTML / CSS / JavaScript / JSON / Angular

Hackalist is a global directory of upcoming hackathons, primarilly geared towards college students. The site lists hackathons by month, and lets users limit hackathons to those that allow college students, provide travel reimbursements, and/or have prizes. The site is entirely hosted on GitHub with a public JSON API that anyone can contribute to. The API also allows anyone to create their own projects using Hackalist's list of hackathons.



Being fascinated with the online cryptocurrency Bitcoin, I created, a site that features a Bitcoin-accepting merchant every day, with updates throughout social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Page code was generated with a self-created C# application (GitHub source).

CheapShark Metro Application  

Visual Studio / C# / JSON

As my personal intro to app development, I started to create a Windows 8/RT Metro App for, an aggregator for PC game deals. The app grabs JSON-structured data from CheapShark's public API, and displays them in an intuitive interace that also allows for custom searches and results. The app is mostly working, but was cancelled and remains unreleased due to another developer completing a CheapShark application.

Advanced Energy Vehicle

SolidWorks / MATLAB

Working in a team of fellow students in one of Ohio State's introductory engineering courses, our team developed an electric Advanced Energy Vehicle (AEV). The design was modeled through SolidWorks with a pre-alloted set of parts; then, the model was customized through custom 3D-printed parts. The AEV was required to traverse a pre-built track and stop at designated areas. The commands were coded through MATLAB, while the AEV ran off of an Arduino board.


Coming soon!